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Re: illegal use of debian logo ?

Jacques MICHAU <jacquesmichau@yahoo.fr> writes:

> I was browsing a hardware web site, full of ads. My eyes stopped on a
> banner : http://www.monsieurprix.com/images/pub/multepass/1.gif

While its true that this is actually the real Debian spiral, I don't
think there is all that much danger of confusion with the Debian
project, color is different, there is no mention of 'Debian' and the
thing is rotating. So it most likly just was some poor graphic
designer that used the first spiral he could find without actually
intending something evil. You could of course request that he changes
the spiral to something else, but then spirals are not something uniq
to Debian, lots and lots of spirals are in logos all over the world:

 * http://www.splorp.com/critique/

And that few pixels that make the Debian spiral distingushable from
other spirals are really not all that significant in my opinion.

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