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Re: non-free firmware in kernel modules, aggregation and unclear copyright notice.

> > Hmmm. One can argue that the EXPORT_SYMBOL* are copyright
> > grants, and as such can't be "freely edited", just like the
> > comments as
> >
> > /* this module (C) 1999 Fulana Perez */
> >
> > that are in the code. Removing such comments *is* illegal, and
> > editing EXPORTs can be, too...

Wouldn't this, if true, make the GPL non-free?  Requiring someone to keep
names of anything in the executabe affects compatibility; what if in 2010 the
newest Microsoft Windows decides to check for EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL on all your
software and shut itself down if it detects any?  Or suppose you have two
programs that use the symbol in different ways and both are under GPL and
you're not allowed to change the name used in either one?

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