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Re: (DRAFT) FAQ on documentation licensing

O Xoves, 14 de Abril de 2005 ás 09:37:12 +0100, Andrew Suffield escribía:

> It could also be fraud, or (strangely enough) in some jurisdictions,
> copyright. Although not the part of copyright law that is related to
> licensing; the right to not have things misattributed to you cannot be
> waived, transferred, or otherwise licensed. But it is sometimes
> written into the copyright statute rather than anywhere else.

 And that's why "don't use the name «apache»" or "don't misattribute me"
clauses in copyright licenses are stupid: because then I might create a
completely new work called «apache» or attributed to that author without
contravening the terms of these licenses. What stops me from doing these
things are other laws.

 If I find the right wording, I'll add it to my FAQ proposal.

   Jacobo Tarrío     |     http://jacobo.tarrio.org/

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