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Re: Creative Commons license summary (version 4)

On Apr 11, 2005 12:21 AM, Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info> wrote:

> P.P.S: Am I the only one that sees threads broken by Humberto's replies?
> It seems that his MUA sometimes sets "In-Reply-To:" and "References:"
> fields to the "Resent-Message-ID:" value of the message he's replying
> to, rather than to its "Message-ID:" value...
> Is this right? Is my MUA misbehaving as it seems it builds threads
> without taking "Resent-Message-ID:" fields into account (i.e.: only
> looking at "Message-ID:" values)?

Same behaviour on GMail. I am unaware of GMail's implementation of
standards though.



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