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Re: Concerns about works created by the US government

Scripsit Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>
> * Sami Liedes:

>> This certainly seems to make the works effectively PD in the US;
>> however it almost seems as if that was carefully worded to _not_ place
>> works in the PD, only to make the US government unable to enforce
>> their copyright under the US law.

> AFAIK, this is indeed the standard interpretation:

Hm, do we have anything in Debian with a "this is U.S. government
work, so copyright does not apply to it" license status? I seem to
remember that -legal once concluded that it was as good as "public
domain", but I cannot find it in the archives.

In any case, it is a bit troublesome that copyrightable *parts* of
such works might have found their way into other pieces of software
which do, as wholes, have reasonable licenses.

On the other hand, I think it is common for countries only to award
copyright protection to works produced in foreign countries only to
the extent that copyright exists in the country of origin. But I may
be wrong.

Henning Makholm          "*Tak* for de ord. *Nu* vinker nobelprisen forude."

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