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Re: non-free firmware in kernel modules, aggregation and unclear copyright notice.

> > Second step is to make the built-in firmware a
> > config option and then later on when the infrastructure matures for
> > firmware loading/providing firmware it can be removed from the driver
> > entirely.
> I think the infrasturcture is quite mature.  We have a lot of drivers
> that require it to function.

what seems to be currently missing is distro level support for using
firmware for modules needed for booting (and tg3 falls sort of under
that via nfsroot) and widespread easy availability of firmware in
distros and for users.

Both are a bit of a chick-and-egg thing, and this is what a transition
period with a few key drivers in dual-mode would hopefully resolve.

One of the options is to even ship the firmware in the kernel tarbal but
from a separate directory with a clear license clarification text in it.

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