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Re: non-free firmware in kernel modules, aggregation and unclear copyright notice.

On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 09:05:18PM +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Apr 04, Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> wrote:
> > What if we don't want to do so?  I know I personally posted a solution
> Then probably the extremists in Debian will manage to kill your driver,
> like they did with tg3 and others.

Nope, they were simply moved to non-free, as it should. I believe the package
is waiting for NEW processing, but i also believe that the dubious copyright
assignement will not allow the ftp-masters to let it pass into the archive,
since it *IS* a GPL violation, and thus i am doing this in order to solve that

> This sucks, yes.

Not really. Once the, post-sarge, transition is done, you just will have to
load the non-free .udeb from the non-free d-i archive, or install the module
package from non-free, and you won't even notice.

Sarge kernels are messed beyond recognition in this anyway, but they are
freezed so ...


Sven Luther

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