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Creative Commons license summary (version 4)

I've made a new version of the Creative Commons license summary
available here:


This version has the following changes since version 3:

      * Changed "definition" to "criteria" per Francesco Poli.
      * Changed "1 million works" to "many works", and note that
        estimates range from tens of thousands to tens of millions.
      * Tried to modify the language for explaining why the anti-DRM
        clause and the trademark restrictions make it hard to call works
        available under this license Free. This is in response to Mako's
        critique, who should probably review.
      * Gave a reference for a CC representative stating that the
        trademark restrictions are not part of the license. This is one
        mailing-list post from July 2004; I'd be interested in seeing
      * Modified the recommendation for the anti-DRM clause per Henning
        Makholm. I used the language I posted, not Henri Sivonen's, in
        that I thought the one I used was closer to the original
        language of the license. This still doesn't address Henning's
        concerns about making personal archive copies, but I think that
        falls out of scope of "distribution".

I did not do any of these things:

      * Drop any of the objections.
      * Rank any of the objections, or mark any "optional" or
        "non-normative" or something like that.
      * Add any clarifying reference stating which technologies would be
        acceptable and which unacceptable for the anti-DRM clause. I
        haven't been able to find any such clarification on the Web. If
        someone else can find such a clarification, I'd appreciate it.

Comments are welcome. Barring major objections, I would like to see this
version posted at http://www.debian.org/legal/licenses/ .


Evan Prodromou

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