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Re: Draft summary of Creative Commons 2.0 licenses (version 3)

On Sat, 2005-19-03 at 23:18 +0000, Henning Makholm wrote:
>         You may not distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, or
>         publicly digitally perform the Work with any technological
>         measures *that prevent the recipient from exercising the rights
>         granted to them by section 8a and section 3 of this License,
>         unless you also distribute, publicly display, publicly perform
>         or publicly digitally perform the Work for the same recipient
>         without those measures.*

Still not happy. It should be possible for me to burn the contents of
my home directory onto an encrypted DVD and give it to somebody for
safekeeping (possibly accompanied with the key in a sealed envelope to
be used in case of my death). If the licence for some work prevents me
from having the work in my home directory when doing this, I hold it
to be non-free.
I'm not sure about other countries, but I'm pretty sure making and storing private archive copies doesn't count as "distribution" for copyright purposes in the USA.

That said, I'd like to come out of this discussion with some better wording and get to a final version of this doc. So, please, other suggestions.


Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>

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