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Re: Draft summary of Creative Commons 2.0 licenses (version 3)

Hello everybody :-)

I won't interfere long here since I don't normaly post on this list and legal issues are not my strong point anyway (fortunately your here).

As both a Debian-Ubuntu and Creative Commons (CC) supporter, I really hope that what you're doing here will work !

I just wanted to mention an "evolution" in the number of Creative Commons works you mentionned: " ...there are already over 1 million works realeased under a Creative Commons license. ..."

It looks like there are at least 10 millions works realeased under Creative Commons (according to Yahoo a month ago). The link below give you also the repartition of the differents flavours of Creative Commons licences (the one I like the most is CC-BY-SA)
If you consider there are often more than one work by CC HTML tag on a website, you can imagine there is already more than 10 millions CC works out there ...

The weather is beautifull here in France... If you have a mobile music player and want to take fresh air (or less romantic just commuting from work), I found the following talk interesting "the comedy of the commons" from Lawrence Lessig:



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