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Re: GPL for documentation ?

Humberto Massa wrote:

> Yes, you could start with "this document is (C) its contributors as 
> defined in the file AUTHORS" ...

Okay, how about this :

  This document is (C) 2004 its contributors as defined in the section
  titled AUTHORS. This document is released under the terms of the GNU
  General Public License (http://...), or under the terms of the Creative
  Commons Attribution License (http://...), at the option of any part
  receiving it.

So, the document would have a section (e.g. an appendix) with a list of 
contributors. This should meet the requirements of both the GPL and CC-BY, 
while making it easy for other people to meet the requirements also. 
They'd only have one file to distribute to maintain attribution.

What do you guys think?

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