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Re: Let's stop feeding the NVidia cuckoo

On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 03:10:47AM -0800, Ben Johnson wrote:
> Hi,

> Let us consider this: after all, maybe nv is not voluntarily
> rendered illegible, maybe I was plainly wrong saying so. The outcome
> of the investigations of the other posters will ascertain this.
> Obviously, what still strikes me is that, as points out Justin
> Pryzby, to prefer this coding style Mark Vojkovitch would have had
> to program the registers and the functions "off the top of his
> head", which if there are many does not exactly sound the preferred
> means of writing source code. Correct me if I am mistaken.
I think this implies enforcement of coding style, and I think its
clear that it Wont Work.

Vojkovitch defended his use of hardcoded values instead of #defined
identifiers, and I can accept that the code is not obfuscated.  

OTOH, if there were reason to believe that the code was preprocessed
(sed, cpp, ...) to a less-easily modifyable form, then the code is
automatically not the preferred form for modifications.  Even if NV
declares that it is open source, and that the preprocessing is simply
to protect the closed hardware specification.

(I do not presently find such a reason; the code looks unobfuscated to


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