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Re: Let's stop feeding the NVidia cuckoo

* Ben Johnson:

> Mike A. Harrison still does not sound satisfied by the
> explanation of nv's maintainer:
> "While it is true this is an open source driver in a
> sense, in practice, it really isn't very open source,
> because the driver source is heavily obfuscated.  It
> uses hexadecimal I/O addresses and values rather than
> symbolic register names and values, thus making it
> next to impossible for anyone outside of Nvidia to
> make meaningful modifications to the driver."

I looked more closely at the source code, and cannot confirm that it
is "heavily obfuscated".  I'm pretty sure itt's hard to understand for
someone who has no knowledge of hardware details, but source code
which is hard to read hasn't necessarily been obfuscated.  I think
this mess is a straightforward application of Hanlon's Razor.

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