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Re: Are Debian logos still non-free?

On 22 Feb 2005 15:07:32 GMT, MJ Ray <mjr@dsl.pipex.com> wrote:

> If www.debian.org.uk wants to sell debian, then fine - I only
> dislike them because they're now selling SuSE and "Linux"
> consultancy without making it clear they're not debian (at
> http://www.debian.org.uk/b2b/linux-support/ )

To say nothing of the rest of the contents on the main page for that site 
< http://www.debian.org.uk >

Herbalife Independent Distributors
Health, nutrition and weight control products with a fantastic
business opportunity.

Palm Island Dubai
Rare opportunity to aquire some exclusive waterside luxury apartments
in a unique location.

None of that seems to have any connection at all with Debian
GNU/Linux, and IMO seriously devalues the Debian name by inferred
connection and/or approval.

Could it be considered a case of squatting?



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