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Re: Are Debian logos still non-free?

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 13:51:57 +0000 Lewis Jardine wrote:

> If this is the case, then Debian could make itself easy to rebrand by 
> ensuring that all uses of the Debian logo to brand the distribution
> are in one location; distributing it is fine, so no-one would have to
> worry about accidentally shipping one (as long as the copyright
> license is Free).

This seems like a good suggestion, I would say.

As an example: there are many many images (especially desktop
wallpapers) out there that are derivative works of the Debian Open Use
Some of them would be Free (at least copyright-wise) if the Open Use
Logo were itself Free: once the copyright license of the Open Use Logo
is DFSG-free, we could ship those ones in main.
They do not claim that the swirl is the logo of some other distro or of
some other computer-related product.
Nor do they claim that something else is Debian when it's not.
As a consequence, trademarks should not be a problem...

Oh my goodness, now I am again going towards the conclusion that
trademarks are orthogonal to DFSG-freeness...   :-(
Please, someone help me!  >:-(

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