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Re: PHP non-free or wrongly named?

Nick Phillips <nwp@nz.lemon-computing.com> wrote:

Nice unmarked trim. Try another tactic.

> [...] Is English your first language?

Yes, born within 60 miles of Oxford, my English is as English as it
gets, except when I talk dialect. Try another tactic.

> I find it hard to believe that any native speaker with a reasonable
> degree of literacy can misinterpret that paragraph in the way that
> you have, whilst still believing that it "seems clear".

Educated to postgrad level. Try another tactic.

> For the avoidance of doubt, that paragraph "clearly" means that:
> * you may not call your derived product "PHP"
> * "PHP" may not appear in your derived product's name
> if you wish to take advantage of the permissions to be granted, unless
> you have prior written permission to do so. [...]

See, it is clear. The first bullet is a simple assertion of norms. The
second is contradicted by the remainder of the paragraph anyway.

Try another tactic if you want to boot PHP out. If you were really
concerned for its well-being, you could work with the maint to
check it out and resolve it to *your* satisfaction.


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