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Re: PHP non-free or wrongly named?

MJ Ray wrote:
> Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
>>Since Debian is (or at least may be) distributing patches in their
>>packages that are not part of upstream, we are distributing a derived
>>product and hence must not name it PHP.
> php3's licence says "must not" but only for "endorse or promote"
> which I don't think we're doing, are we?

At least according to the FSF, the PHP3 license is GPL-compatible,
though later PHP licenses are not.  I believe restricting it to "endorse
or promote" takes it to the level of the 3-clause BSD license, which
also prohibits endorsement or promotion; as has been previously
discussed on debian-legal, stating endorsement or promotion is already
prohibited without permission.

- Josh Triplett

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