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mplayer, the time has come


I have uploaded a new version of the 'mplayer' package for Debian,
namely version 1.0pre6-1

(Unfortunately it does not show yet in the new queue  at 
but it is also accessible at 

I REALLY think that the time has come for mplayer to be part of Debian


There have been two main problems keeping mplayer out of Debian:
licenses and copyrights.

the upstream code contains some code that is protected by 
(more or less) actively enforced licenses:
DeCSS code to decode encrypted dvd;
ffmpeg and OpenDivx code to en/decode MPEG4.

the DeCSS  is deleted from the package proposed for Debian 
(for this reason, I upload mplayer as a native package); 
whereas ffmpeg is not a problem anymore : the package 'ffmpeg'
is in Debian already. 
The OpenDivx code is not there any more, see in section E.2 of docs, or

Copyrights: at some time in the past, a lot of code was added to mplayer
without keeping due track (as GPL requires); this spurred a long
and wild thread in debian and mplayer lists, about 5 years ago.

Solution: lately, the mplayer team did a long and detailed work to track down
the origin of all the code in MPlayer; the results are in the 'Copyright'

--- PLEA

Please, please

I acknowledge that, in the past, there were many problems that
prevented mplayer from entering Debian; these problems sometimes
spurred flaming threads; I think that these problems are now solved;
but some people would still write  mails as 
"mplayer is a copyright mess" or 
"mplayer is so encumbered by patents it will never go in Debian".

Please forget the past problems and check this package as it is now.


there have been many voices asking for mplayer to be in Debian

Jan 05, F Dannemare: 
 " what is now holding back 
   software such as mplayer/mencoder, transcode and mjpegtools from 
   entering Debian?"

Goswin von Brederlow :
 "At least I would like to know whats up with mplayer now that ffmpeg is
 in Debian."

Jul 2004 , L Kaplan:
 "I didn't find any package for MPlayer on the main repository. I checked
 its license and found it to be GPL v2
 Any reason that it won't have a package?"

Jan 04, D Shearer, Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)
  "mplayer will definitely make the top 5, it illustrates some of the
   bottle-necks of Debian or better, of the upstream. When two perfect ones
   meet ;) "

M Krafft
  "So can we package it now for Debian?"

Moreover there have been many many ITP for mplayer.


the history of the effort to have MPlayer into Debian is a loooong one;
we have uploaded many packages; the second-but-last time I prepared and/or
uploaded a package was in 
Jul 2003 :  http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/07/msg01633.html 
  we received some feedback and we corrected all problems in mplayer 0.90
Mar 2004 : 
 there was a nice and contructive thread started by
 which suggested that mplayer was ready to be accepted
 (but for a minor concern expressed in
  that was not considered too bad to reject the package).

I then uploaded a package  mplayer 1.0.cvs20030324-1
that was refused (in Aug 04) because 
/usr/share/doc/mplayer/copyright was incomplete; I uploaded a 
corrected version , and never received a reply.


Andrea Mennucc
 "Ukn ow,Ifina llyfixe dmysp acebar.ohwh atthef"

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