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Re: Use of the Debian name for websites

On 11 Feb 2005 01:15:42 GMT MJ Ray wrote:

> The FSF have a vague definition of what they consider
> free *documentation* and the main difference with free
> software is "I don't believe that it is essential for
> people to have permission to modify all sorts of articles
> and books." http://gnu.hands.com/philosophy/free-doc.html

Yes, and no reason at all is provided to explain *why* this permission
should be considered as not essential.
More precisely, no reason to explain *why* this permission should be
considered less important than the permission to modify programs...  :-(

> Unfortunately, that even applies to articles which are
> permanently attached to FSF's "free documentation" manuals.

And this makes things to get even worse... :-(

> Making a DFDG will need at least one GR

Without counting that we then would need one different set of guidelines
for each of the following: music, images, animations, novels, poems,
<insert_your_favorite_arbitrary_category>, ...

> and it would need to
> be weaker than the DFSG if it's going to accommodate the FSF
> position,

Yes, and I've not yet seen *any* convincing argument that documentation
should get weaker freedom criteria than programs!
Actually I have neither seen a good argument that documentation and
programs should have *different* freedom criteria...

As a consequence, we should IMHO stick to DFSG for all works.

> which means the border needs to be tightly controlled
> so as not to permit non-free software. There's not been anyone
> yet who's come up with a reliable quick test to seperate
> "software" and "documentation" (not surprising, as I think
> they're overlapping sets),

I agree that programs and documentation are overlapping sets and the
boundary is rather blurry.
The same applies to other categories of works...

> so each case would want consensus
> built and that's a scary amount of work, especially to support
> some other group's totally arbitrary and inconsistent position.

"Arbitrary and inconsistent" is a good description, sadly...

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