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Re: Why is choice of venue non-free ?

On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 04:01:10PM +1100, Glenn L McGrath wrote:
> > No, of course not.  I don't mind if copyright holders make their
> > copyright easier to defend--until it comes at an unacceptable cost of
> > freedom to licensees.  I believe choice of venue (and
> > police-your-neighbor) clauses do so.
> I never realised the DFSG was so open to interpretation until now.

It must be interpreted, or it is useless.  I hope you aren't suggesting
Debian should take an interpretation of the DFSG that allows licenses to
place unacceptable restrictions on the freedom of licensees.

My recommendation to you is, rather than complaining about the
"interpretation" of the DFSG, to instead argue the restriction on its
own terms: Why should it be allowed?  Why are the side-effects of such
restrictions (such as those Steve Langasek explained) an acceptable
cost?  (Debating restrictions is productive, and in the interests of
Free Software; claiming that boil down to "I don't care if it restricts
freedom; the DFSG doesn't talk about it" aren't.)

Glenn Maynard

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