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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
GNU classpath is GPL+linking exception which allows it to link with code that is licensed with GPL non-compatible licenses.

Thanks.  That sounds like an important piece of evidence.  So
certainly the GNU Classpath authors think that their code is copied
into programs built using it, and the GPL restricts that copying.

The exception is there because GNU Classpath is a set of class libraries that is also used by ahead-of-time compilers for Java, like gcj.

Ahead-of-time compilers allow you to create static binaries from Java applications, normal executables, that contain *verbatim copies of copyrightable parts* of the class library. That's jolly useful on embedded systems, in particular on embedded systems.

Since the FSF doesn't think that every program compiled with an ahead-of-time compiler and GNU Classpath needs to have the GPL slapped on it, they added an exception to GNU Classpath, just like for bison, autoconf, and so on.

I would assume that the same applies to Kaffe.

Kaffe is an interpreter. It generates no output from the data it is fed, afaict. It could only impose the GPL on parts of its

... wait ... wait ... wait ... it's coming ... Brian ... its coming ... guess what it is ....

its *output*. Output. What a mighty concept. Two words. Out-put. Not the twitches of ganglia that go bonkers whan you've had too much crack, like you appear to, no, Brian. Output. Because you're of the sort that needs it graphically: Shit, Brian. Real Shit. Not your intestines working on the 100USD bills. Shit.

Does Kaffe generate an *out*-put containing GPLd, copyrightable parts of *itself* and its *input* *data*? No.

Now please, please, stop regurgitating this nonsense.

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