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Re: Questions about legal theory behind (L)GPL

Scripsit "Michael K. Edwards" <m.k.edwards@gmail.com>
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 07:46:18 -0500, Nathanael Nerode

>> I guess I'm convinced.  :-)

> That the GPL is legally an offer of contract?  If so, it's good to
> know that the substance of my argument is persuasive to at least one
> person besides myself.  :-)

I got lost somewhere along the way: Why is it important to you whether
the GPL is a "contract" or not?

You don't have to convince me - in my home jurisdiction it is beyond
dispute that application of the GPL would be a matter for our contract
law, and I won't aspire to claim anything about how it works in a
common-law system.

But the heat of the debate nevertheless leaves me wondering what it's
for. Does it make any difference, and if so, what?

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