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Re: I'll let the Freemasons know Debian is distributing their trademark

William Ballard writes:

> On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 11:44:13AM -0500, Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
> > He might violate their trademarks -- say by proclaiming that he is
> > selling Humvees when actually selling Pintos.  But that's got nothing
> > to do with Debian, and he'd be doing so whether or not this clip art
> > were nearby.
> Kind of makes Debian an accessory.  Listen, everybody, these images are 
> no big freaking deal.  You write the company, they're gonna say "who 
> cares?  This little thing doesn't matter."

Debian is not an accessory to that act any more than the manufacturer
of the Pinto would be.  The law does not work like that.  On the other
hand, Debian has a tradition of supporting freedoms for users, and
freedom of expression is a significant thing.  Yanking images because
they make someone "uncomfortable" is a bad precedent.

> The approach -- taking something clearly what it is and using it unless 
> somebody tells you you can't or it's a big deal -- such as including the 
> NFL logo would be a big deal, including this isn't, makes me rather 
> uncomfortable.

It is not Debian's problem if you are uncomfortable with legal acts.

[Further FUD snipped.]

Michael Poole

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