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Re: Compatibility between CC licenses and the GPL

Andrew Suffield wrote:
> Michael K. Edwards wrote:
> > Actually, that's not entirely true.  To the extent that a chunk of
> > published code is purely functional and lacking in "creative
> > expression", or meets either the "de minimis" or the "fair use"
> > standard of affirmative defense,
> Not valid in many jurisdictions. Nothing that relies on this to be
> free can be considered acceptable by Debian, or anybody else who works
> internationally.

Actually, these principles are all present in the Berne Convention,
and apply to any published work, not just software.  Their
interpretation varies by jurisdiction, but so does the interpretation
of contract terms.  There is no safety in numbers, nor, indeed, in
anything else.  IANAL, etc., etc.

- Michael

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