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Re: Non-free files in source packages?

Florian Weimer wrote:
> In Germany, I would be very surprised if it wasn't protected as a
> database.  A significant effort was necessary to create the mapping,
> and this is sufficient.

But I'm not sure that the "producer" of this database (the RFC
or the table in it) is a resident or national of a EU member state.
It seems likely that ISOC would qualify as the producer, since
it was their initiative and they carry the risk involved in creating 
the RFC, right?

Since they are US-based, ISOC cannot enjoy any database rights
until the US adopts their own database protection that's at least
as strong as what the EU Directive gives (art. 11 of the Directive).

And I'm not aware of any non-EU jurisdiction that recognizes
database rights.


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