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phpldapadmin 0.9.5, is it free?

  I'm the maintainer of phpldapadmin, a web-based tool for administering
LDAP servers. Actually testing provides phpldapadmin 0.9.4b, which is
available on SourceForge and is released with GPL license.

  Some days ago the upstream maintainer has released a new version,
0.9.5, which not available on http://phpldapadmin.sourceforge.net but
only on http://www.phpldapadmin.com. In order to download it, you 
have to register into this website and choose "phpldapadmin for 
Home Users".

Here there is the text grabbed from that page:

While phpLDAPadmin costs 49.95 for commercial download, we are providing
it for free to home users. If you purchase the commercial download, you
get the added benefit of support from the original developers.

Here phpldapadmin seems "free as beer", so you can use it at home but
not for commercial purposes. However The upstream tarball contains a
LICENSE file which reports the GPL license.

I've packaged phpldapadmin and I'm ready-to-upload it, but I'd like your
opinion on this issue: can this website influence the freedom of
phpldapadmin or it has no meaning?

Thanks in advance for your help,

PS: Please CC, I'm not subscribed to this list.

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