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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free ?

Brian Masinick wrote:
"mozilla _wants_ us to make some changes to the thunderbird package in order to
not infringe their trademarks."

I think plenty of dialog with Mozilla is a good idea. If they don't like the
way we package Thunderbird or any of the other packages,

I should point out again that (given the discussions I've had with the Thunderbird maintainer) we are almost certainly going to be happy with what Debian itself does.

Debian Web browser based on Mozilla Firefox
Debian Email client based on Mozilla Thunderbird
Debian browser suite based on Mozilla

As someone raised earlier, isn't this just replacing one trademark problem with another (Debian)?

Those also aren't particularly wieldy names for a title bar or package ;-)

I have a hard time believing that after all this time they want people
to get away from their names, but if that's really what they want, let's
do it.

No, we don't want people to get away from the names. But we do want a way of ensuring that they are a mark of quality in trademark terms.


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