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Is the LLVM Release License DFSG-compatible?

Please 'reply all' on any replies as I don't normally subscribe
to debian-legal, and it will also document the discussion along
with the ITP.

I've filed an ITP for LLVM -- the Low-Level Virtual Machine, a
compiler toolset that provides a C and C++ compiler.  More info
on LLVM can be found at http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu.  The ITP is

LLVM licensing is a little more complicated than most packages,
but I still believe it to be DFSG-compatible and eligible for
being in main.

Part of LLVM (the C front-end) is borrowed directly from GCC
and distribution of the C front-end used by LLVM is covered 
under the same licensing as GCC.

The remainder of LLVM is covered by the LLVM Release License
(see http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/releases/1.4/LICENSE.TXT) which is
actually the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License.
The University of Illinois/NCSA (UI/NCSA) license is very similar
to the MIT or BSD license, and software distributed under the
UI/NCSA license is OSI Certified Open Source Software (please
see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/UoI-NCSA.php).

Being paranoid about this sort of stuff, I also examined a fairly
large random sample of the files (there are ~22K files in the
source tree and I sampled roughly 500 of them).  Those files all
either contained the proper licensing text or were covered by
by a file containing the proper text.  I also used an experimental
text comparison tool to examine all files and feel very confident
that the source files are all properly covered by the licenses
above in some way.

So, based on my understanding of the DFSG, and my understanding
of the licensing, I believe this package will be fully DFSG-
compatible.  What say you all?

Al Stone                                      Alter Ego:
Linux & Open Source Lab                       Debian Developer
Hewlett-Packard Company                       http://www.debian.org
E-mail: ahs3@fc.hp.com                        ahs3@debian.org

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