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Hypothetical situation to chew on

I'm vaguely aware of a piece of software which contains both GFDL
licensed material, and possibly code which was dropped in without
actually checking the licence for compatibility with the GPL.

A gargantuan number of people over the years have contributed code to
it, and many have claimed copyright for their contributions.  No policy
of copyright-assignment has been used.

So here's a hypothetical situation; say the current upstream maintainer
was to announce in a very public place, with Cc's to all known
contributor e-mail addresses, his intent to change the licence of the
code to GPL-2 (including documentation) and give a full list of
everything that would fall under it.  And then was to give a period (say
28 days) for objections to be raised.

If none were raised, could they then change the licence?

If not, what procedure would be needed to make the software DFSG-free?
I'm going to guess clean-room rewrite of all of the documentation, and
of any code that could be affected?

Thanks in advance,

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