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Re: Bug#288429: asterisk: Hold music are not DFSG-free

tags 288429 -sarge-ignore

El lun, 03-01-2005 a las 20:57 +0100, Kilian Krause escribió:
> tags 288429 +sarge-ignore
> thanks
> Hi Jerome,
> Am Montag, den 03.01.2005, 19:40 +0100 schrieb Jerome Warnier:
> > Subject: asterisk: Hold music are not DFSG-free
> > Package: asterisk
> > Version: 1:1.0.2-3
> > Severity: serious
> > Justification: Policy 2.1
> > 
> > *** Please type your report below this line ***
> > In the README.fpm file, it is stated that the Hold Music is non-free for
> > use in anything else than Asterisk.
> that's technically correct, yet i'm very tempted to tag this bug as
> wontfix until there's a decent license that's DFSG-free which we then
> can propose to the asterisk upstream. 

 I think that Jerome is right, and we have a problem with that file. It is not 
the same problem than we can have with GFDL docs or the problem of which is "the preferred
source form" for images and sounds.

 Here that sound is licensed only for being used as hold music for Asterisk, nothing else. 
You couldn't even use it as dialtone for Asterisk, as I interpret the file.
 The only solution I see is removing that sound from upstream sources. Anyway I am
CCing debian-legal for advise on this. Attached is README.fpm file.

About Hold Music
Digium has licensed the music included with
the Asterisk distribution From FreePlayMusic
for use and distribution with Asterisk.  It
is licensed ONLY for use as hold music within
an Asterisk based PBX.

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