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And at night, the flaming foxes come...

On Fri, Dec 31, 2004 at 10:20:26PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> asac@jwsdot.com wrote:
> >OK, let's say I rename the package to 'somebird' and want to produce a good 
> >package for debian. Should I use a patched orig.tar.gz or is it ok to 
> >distribute the source as provided by upstream (of course without the 
> >trademarked icons) and patch the rest (e.g. thunderbird mozilla) during 
> >build?
> As long as we're discussing names....
> I kind of like "somebird", actually.  It's cute and non-confusing.  :-)
> For firefox, "iceweasel" has the amusing advantage of being directly in the 
> Mozilla trademark licencing policy, thanks to my use of that name really 
> early in the discussion.  :-)  It might be pretty easy to "standardize" it 
> among different "option 3" distributors for that reason.
> Of course, it is now in use as the abstract name for a renamed version, so 
> maybe it wouldn't be so good to use it for a specific version.
> A name for the suite is hard.

Along similar veins, but closer, would be "icekitsune". But perhaps it
doesn't flow off the tongue very well.

ObGeneralTopic: I don't have a deep and abiding interest in using, or not
using, the trademarked names, but for reasons I will elucidate in another
thread, I suspect that the iceweasel route may be the only *practical* one
for Debian to take.
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