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Re: LCC and blobs

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> If the emulators were extended to be able to fetch some basic ROM images 
> off the internet by themselves (eg via HTTP), could they go in main?

As an interesting additional point, this isn't just a hypothetical
scenario: the ZSNES emulator (in the Windows version, not yet ported to
the GNU/Linux version) has the ability to connect to the ConsoleClassix
(paid) service, download ROM images into memory (locking them on the
server so that no more ROM images exist than actual cartridges owned by
ConsoleClassix), and play them.  All of those ROM images are still
proprietary and sourceless.  Suppose the GNU/Linux version had this
functionality.  Would we still put ZSNES in contrib?  I don't know that
I have a consistent answer to that particular question.

- Josh Triplett

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