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Re: LCC and blobs

Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
Some firmware is part of the hardware.  Some isn't.  It's easy to tell
-- either it's in the hardware or it isn't.  Of course, the name
"firmware" should make it clear that this is an often ambiguous line.
But this does seem to be a good practical place: can anybody with the
device and the driver use it?  Or are there some people who even with
a functioning, complete device and a driver who can't get it to work?

This is not only a feature of a device with firmware. Some hardware you cannot buy, you only get a license to use it. If I remember correctly you never "buy" an EMC, you only get permission to use it and have to pay every year to continue to use it.

So you want to rip out all fiber-channel drivers because they might be used to connect to an EMC?

I see no limitation of my freedom in using firmware. Please tell me
how I am limited in my freedom. If I wanted a open source firmware I
could buy a device with open firmware,

Then Windows isn't proprietary either.  Sigh.

It is, but does the fact that I can boot it with grub limit my freedom?

Groetjes, Peter

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