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Re: What do you guys think about #244276?

Eitan Gurari writes:
 >  > > [...] In other word, does the DFSG allows such thing?
 >  > 
 >  > I think so in letter, especially given the LPPL's definitions, but it 
 >  > feels bad to obstruct people wanting to adapt the software to their 
 >  > needs. It would be good if Eitan could mark distributable comments and 
 >  > supply those in the source. I quite understand if he wants to keep 
 >  > some messages from others to him out of the Work.
 > OK. I'll clean my literate files sometimes in autumn and add them to
 > the tex4ht distribution.  I just hope my work will not be in vain and
 > some people will end up using the literate files.
 >  > tex4ht's copyright file appears to include an old version of the LPPL 
 >  > and should be updated IMO.
 > I'll fix the copyright notice to fit 
 > http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt.
 >  > Hope that helps,
 > Definitely.  Thanks to all who participated in this thread of emails.

Done. The literate sources can be found at 

     ==> tex4ht-lit.zip


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