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Re: Bug #284221: acenic firmware situation summary

>Not really.  That licence doesn't allow Debian to distribute whatever
>it is that's being licenced.  There's only permission for personal use.

Hmm.  My initial reading was that "you" could
(1) "create, test and provide" programs for use with ALTEON network cards
(2) "license the object code" of such a program provided it is restricted to 
use with ALTEON network cards

It's obviously non-free, but -- depending on who "you" is -- could allow 

Looking at it closer, it suffers from being a contract, and being inherently 
click-wrap, and Debian can't implement click-wrap, so it's unsuitable for 
non-free.  :-(

It does look like it's probably legal for someone to make the object code for 
the firmware available somewhere, under that click-wrap license, as an 
interim measure before independent firmware is created.

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