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Re: zwiki copyright status

In message <20041112201118.GE23480@mcelrath.org>, Bob McElrath <bob+zwiki@mcelrath.org> writes

Our questions are these:

1. Does the above constitute a valid copyright transfer?  Given the
above, what is the copyright status of this project?  Are the copyrights
still held by individual contributors or are they (in your legal
opinion) actually held by the maintainer?

Look at SCO v IBM on Groklaw. Under American law, all copyright transfers MUST be clearly made IN WRITING.

An email which clearly says "I assign my copyright in this patch ..." is probably good enough, provided it's signed so you can prove it's not forged.

But remember, the legal presumption is that copyright is NEVER transferred unless it is clearly stated in writing. Any ambiguity and the transfer fails.

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