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Re: turck-mmcache license violation?

One could claim that php4 is part of the operating system, just like
they do with OpenSSL. That is nuts!

Sorry for introducing a reason for a flame.
I'd just like to say that I think the if one line is to be crossed, that
should mean that we should ask for the author permission, which would
make the license non-free. Since turck-mmcache (I've just checked) is a
PHP optimizer, seems reasonable that the author had the intention to
allow it to be linked to php4, since I guess the program would not work
without it.

Unfortunately, that is not implied when some one writes a patch to a GPL
application and another person writes a SSL interface to it. That
happened to me once and I replied to the message in the development
mailing list saying that they should not include my patches if they
wanted to distribute it.

So, I'd like to ask what is the opinion of people at debian-legal about
it. Since I'm leaving for the weekend, do not expect me to answer until

Thanks for that great piece of free software. I intend to join your
discussions in debian-legal a little more, since I'm very interested in
license questions.

Thadeu Cascardo.

On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 04:15:12PM -0500, Andres Salomon wrote:
> It would appear that turck-mmcache is covered under the GPL.  However, it
> links against php4, whose license is incompatible w/ the GPL.  Is there
> some sort of exception clause that was left out of the copyright file, or
> are we violating the turck-mmcache license?
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