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Re: Fwd: figlet license change from Artistic to Clarified Artistic or Artistic 2.0?

On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 09:33:51PM -0500, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> > > However, it seems that a similar possible problem exists with contracts:
> > > that they're not binding without consideration.  
> > 
> > "Consideration is as much a matter of form as seal."  Any benefit to the
> > licensee, however slight, constitutes consideration.  A court has to go
> > out of its way to find that there is no consideration whatever.  (IANAL.)
> This is an assertion of how the law works, I've seen contradicting assertions,
> and I've seen claims that it may be very different depending on where you are
> (that contract law isn't nearly as uniform as copyright law, which does vary
> but tends to sit in a couple major camps).

This is acutely true; copyright law is driven by the Berne convention,
to which most major nations are signatories. There is no similar
construct for copyright law, causing it to be all over the map. Within
the EU it is relatively consistent; within the US it is internally
consistent but distinct in several respects. Many other parts of the
world have weird and wacky contract laws.

Truly international contracts (rather than ones just between two
parties in two selected nations) are probably impossible. Certainly
they're lawyer bait. Let's not go there.

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