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Re: SCO Ip right's claim on linux and SCO Intellectual Property License Program

In message <20041101194652.GB6921@mauritius.dodds.net>, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes
That said, for my money, SCO's tactics smell of racketeering; but it's up to
judges to make the final decision about whether they're actually illegal.

Read up on www.groklaw.net for why SCOG don't have any claim (note the use of "SCOG" - they are *not* the SCO of old...)

Whether or not SCO are eventually found guilty of racketeering, popular
opinion is certainly turned against them, and few people believe they
actually have a valid case of their own -- including previous would-be
investors, judging by the beautiful slide in their stock values over the
past year.  It's worth noting that various Unix hard-hitters, such as IBM
and Novell, have also had more than a few things to say about the validity
of SCO's claims.

Contact Novell. If SCOG's claims have any hint of validity, Novell will almost certainly give you a form waiver. And anyway, if you reply to SCOG saying that you'll happily pay up *after* "SCOG vs Novell" settles the copyrights in their favour, then should SCOG actually carry out any threat to sue, you just file to have the case stayed.

Yup, it's a hell of a nuisance, but basically that's SCOG's plan - extortion via hassle. You've got to make sure that any hassle rebounds on SCOG. And should SCOG (via some incredibly impossible happening) manage to win against Novell, you pay the licence fee and that's the end of it (you hope). See Daimler-Chrysler for why it might not be :-(

But SCOG are likely to be bankrupt before any case against you would get unstayed.

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