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Re: mass bug filing for unmet dependencies

moth@debian.org wrote:

>> Then let's forget for a minute boot loaders. What about all drivers
>> which interact with non-free software stored in computers and their
>> peripherals?
>I think you're forgetting about more than boot loaders, since this has
>been explained more than once.  However, I'll try to summarize:
>If we have reason to treat that software as part or a potential part of
>the debian system, then our system has a dependency on that software.
>If that software is outside the scope of our system (by virtue of there
>being no logical way for our system to change that software or for that
>software to replace anything within the system), then it's outside the
>scope of our system.
So, following from this why you think that the motherboard firmware
(the BIOS, which can be reflashed by users) or the CD reader firmware
(which can be reflashed as well, with the right tools) and e.g. a
modem firmware are different?


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