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Re: ITP some 13 years old code with unknown license

Harald Dunkel wrote:
> This did work. Mouse told me that Blockade is "public domain",
> which I would translate to BSD license. AFAIK this license
> allows me to do whatever I like with the sources.

"Public domain" has a specific legal meaning, and it isn't "under the
BSD license".  "Public domain" means "not copyrighted".  This is
actually even more permissive than the BSD license or any other
copyright-based license, since the BSD license (and most others)
requires you to include the copyright and license notice in source or
binary distribution, and copyright law alone (even without a license)
requires you to preserve copyright notices.

> Question: Am I allowed to copy-n-paste some BSD license header
> into his sources and distribute it as a Debian source package?

Legally you could, since public domain works can be relicensed however
you wish; however, don't do that.  Instead, note clearly that the
sources are in the public domain, and include the email from der Mouse
authorizing this in the debian/copyright file.

- Josh Triplett

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