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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

josh.trip@verizon.net wrote:

>> These two cases are well different: the first driver already contains
>> all code needed to manage the hardware device (even if it chooses to not
>> send some commends to the device until it will be ready to process them),
>> in the second case the program is not complete and lacks some parts.
>The driver contains code to interact with the firmware in operating the
>hardware device, just as the program contains code to interact with the
>library in performing its function.
No, this is again wrong: a program and the libraries it use are a single
entity (why do you think it's called linking?) while drivers and devices
are different entities.
They interact the same way IM clients and servers interact.

>  The driver does not contain all the
>code needed to manage the device; it contains code that can interact
If the quantity of code in the driver is the same before and after
the firmware has been uploaded to the device then the driver obviously
contain all code needed to manage the device.

>with the firmware.  This particular driver interacts exclusively with
>the firmware, not the device (except for handing the firmware to the
The firmware is not part of the driver nor of any other program running
on the system, so I have to conclude that it's now part of the device.


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