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Re: Preferred license for forums content - Part II

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:48:00 Don Armstrong wrote:
You really want some sort of tacit assent though. Like a checkbox or
simlar that people have to check to indicate that their post is
licensed under a specific license.[1] Implicit assent is pretty weak.

You also may consider having some sort of form where users who have a
login can mark their previous posts as being licensed under the
MIT/X11 license in adition to whatever license they were using

Thankyou. Your hint brought me to the following solution:
I've modified the forums source so that theres a additional field
in the users profile page where he/she can select the license under
which he/she is posting his/her comments. Next to every posting there
is a note regarding the license under which the posting is licensed.

You can see it here:

Create a user / edit profile page:

Sample users profile information page:

Sample view posting page:

I think this solution is clear and so I (as the webmaster) dont have
to decide which license to use; the user has to decide instead.


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