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Re: non-free firmware: driver in main or contrib?

bts@alum.mit.edu wrote:

>While this is true, it is incomplete: the driver Depends, in the
>policy sense, on the device, and the device Depends on the firmware.
I do not think policy can justify this.

>> Obviously any kind of device driver has limited practical use[1] if
>> you do not own the hardware device, and so are programs like ICQ and
>> AIM clients if you do not have access to the proprietary servers
>> they connect to, but still policy does not require to keep this kind
>> of free software out of Debian.
>It's not just the proprietary server code, but the actual servers that
>are necessary.  That is, you need the machines running them --
>hardware, a black box outside Debian's control.
So what? User's hardware is outside Debian control as well. Or you think
that Debian should control user's hardware? This sounds a bit like DRM
to me.

>I do think that closed-system clients don't belong in Debian
>(differentiating OSCAR, for example, from whatever the closed AIM
>protocol of the week is -- I don't follow technical developments
>there very closely.)
You are entitled to your opinions however stupid they are, but they are
off topic in the context of interpreting policy.

>> [1] But it may be an invaluable source of code and ideas to use in other
>>     projects...
>That source of ideas is not enough to change a Depends to a Suggests,
>or we'd have nothing in contrib.
I did not propose this.


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