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Re: which Debian section?

On Sunday 24 October 2004 18:31, Josh Triplett wrote:
> debian-legal is indeed the appropriate list for such questions.
Yup, so i noticed after skimming the archives after i sent my message :)

> Your program requires a package outside of main for execution (and
> should have a Depends for that reason), so it cannot go in main.
I see, that makes sense then.

> If your program requires MPlayer to work, and crashes on startup without
> it, then Suggests is inappropriate; you should have a Depends on mplayer.
Right, thats the thing though, MPlayer is nowhere in the debian archives, and 
most (of the people i know) compile MPlayer themselves, they don't use the 
unofficial Debian package for it. Having my program directly depend on 
MPlayer would force most users to either use dpkg --force, or install the 
At first I didn't have MPlayer in my depends or suggests at all, but was 
suggested at debian-devel later on to add it at Suggests, saying that it is 
common to add a Suggests to a program that requires a program outside Debian.

To be more accurate, my program won't actually crash, and it can make shell 
scripts which can be run somewhere else instead, but without MPlayer it'll 
refuse to load any files or show any preview, making the program pretty 
useless... It wont even create a shell script unless you load a file.


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