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Preferred license for forums content - Part II

some time ago I asked [1] for the prefered license for a debian web forum. Now its time to force the license change for my forum [2] and
so I want you to ask again if some plans I made are correct.

- Changing license by date
I want to change the license for postings which arrive after 01.01.2005
to the MIT/X11 License. Is it possible to have to licenses (one for the
old postings, one for the ones posted after switching day) for an forum? Changing the license for all postings is a virtually impossible since I have to ask every poster (nearly 5000) if they are agree to the license change.

The new introductory statement will look like this:
"All Postings published in the forums/databases of this website are -if they were created or modified before 31.12.2004 23:59h and if noting else is stated by the author- published under the GNU Free Documentation license.

All Postings which were created after 01.01.2005 00:00h are -if nothing else is stated by the author- published under the terms of the MIT/X11 license as follows:......"

- Promoting the new license
Currently and until the license switch I mention the license under which the postings fall only in the "Terms of use" page [3]. I think this has to be changed to make it clearer to the poster. I plan to provide a text like "All Postings posted here are published under the MIT/X11 License......" on the posting form page. This should be enough?

- Translating the license
Is it possible to use a german translated MIT/X11 license or must I use the english original to be legal correct? I think a translated version will make the license clearer and better understandable to the user.

Thankyou again for your help and your statements.


Plese Cc me as I'm not subscribed to debian-legal

[1] Msg-ID: <4096852C.5050006@feltel.de>
[2] http://www.debianforum.de
[3] http://www.debianforum.de/impressum (text is german only)

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