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Re: Is this software really GPL?

Note: I've left Anthony Youngman's email address in the headers, but I
seem to have a local problem where email to Anthony bounces. [I can work
around that, using telnet, but it's a pain.] > > <quote> > > I strongly
suggest that you read the following two web pages: > >
http://easyco.com/initiative/openqm/opensource/index.htm > > and the
accompanying faq: > >
http://easyco.com/initiative/openqm/opensource/faq.htm > > </quote> On
Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 04:48:33PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote: > Yeah,
those webpages are basically indicate that they haven't read the > GPL
and don't understand what it means at all. That's what I thought at
first. Rereading it, I think those pages are OK. Basically, all they
seem to say is that if you distribute under the GPL you have to supply
full sources to what you distribute. -- Raul 

Sorry for lookout mangling my cut-n-paste - this isn't quite a proper
reply ...

Did you look at the thing about subsidiaries ... if you *choose* to
distribute *source* to your subsidiaries, you are then *obliged* to
*publish* your source to the *world*!

Imho this sets off the GPL's self-destruct clause (6 and 7) with the
result that you can't distribute under the GPL because you can't give
your recipients the freedom to distribute to whomsoever they please ...



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