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Re: Reproducible, precompiled .o files: what say policy+gpl?

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 06:28:01PM -0700, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> Note the exact words (I am assuming that Glenn copied them verbatim):
> the package in main must be buildable with tools in main

Exact words are:

     In addition, the packages in _main_
        * must not require a package outside of _main_ for compilation or
          execution (thus, the package must not declare a "Depends",
          "Recommends", or "Build-Depends" relationship on a non-_main_

If you build with different tools, you have a different package.  "X
built with gcc" and "X built with icc" are very different things (just
as "X" and "X with x.patch and x2.patch applied" are different things).

> This package is buildable by tools in main. It meets the letter of the
> law. The spirit seems a bit ambiguous. Good case in point, the m68k

I hope we all agree that the spirit is what matters; people who ignore
the spirit and word-lawyer the letter are people to ignore.

Glenn Maynard

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