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Re: License conflict for VM screensaver (kdeartwork)

> That retraction is only valid for original BSD code, not for any changes to 
> it.

Ah, sorry -- don't drink & derive, etc. -- this was also one of my
concerns, especially since the file does seem to have been through some
refashioning since it was pulled out of BSD.

> If 
> any changes were made by us we'll need those committers to distance 
> themselves from the advertising clause as well. 

Note that there also seem to be changes earlier on by non-KDE people (the
comments at least read as though it was redesigned for glibc, and only
later taken over to KDE).

If it is too difficult to case up all the contributers to vm_random.c,
might it be easier to alter the licensing on the KDE portions of the
screensaver (the GPLed parts) in the meantime?


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