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moin may contain non-free licensed test


[please Cc: me on replies, I am not subscribed but read through the

 I've found a quite strange thing in one of my moin installs, and I need
to get some more opinions on it before I write the RC bug against the

 It is a German license text, so people not able to understand German
might have a problem. I'll though try to translate the part that I think
is a problem. See this as a start:

 "This talk was developed by the WEB.DE AG and kindly provided to the
terms of the IFL-Text v1.0 for all users of MoinMoin."

 This is the first part, it has "for all users of MoinMoin" in it, but
doesn't say about others. But that part can be ignored, because the
IFL-Text v1.0 doesn't restrict the user base.  But there are other
issues I have with IFL-Text v1.0:

 Pargraph 2: Changes of the Text Documents

(1) Anyone has the right to add to distributions of the text document
one or more parts. The additions must be clearly be visible, especially
by using a different font, a different color or other font tweakings.

(2) ... shorten ... clearly be visible.

(3) ... change ... clearly be visible.

 This is IMHO not really free. If the changes must be made so that they
stand out of the original text it is in my interpretation not free. Do
other agree?

(4) If you copy a modified text document, distribute it or make it
available to the public, the place of the original text must be noted.

 This is even more a problem, because what about when the original text
changes its place? Are people needed to run after it and look to keep
these notes up to date?

 ... there might be other problems with this license, especially
Paragraph 4 jumps to my eye, too; but this are the major points I'd like
to get addressed. If those are considered DFSG compatible (or rather,
they have to be GPL compatible because moin itself is released under the
GPL), then we can elaborate on those, too. But I think the above things
will fail already.

 Thanks in advance for taking a look.
P.S.: This mail goes in Cc: to the Debian Maintainer of moin and the
   Upstream Author of moin so they are aware of the discussion. They
   shall judge themself if they want to step in or receive copies, so
   don't spam them with replies if they didn't mention yet.  :)
wenn sich aber manche howto und man und was weiß ich nicht
für installanleitungen und hilfen sich anschaut, fragt man sich
wirklichen ob das nicht ausserirdische gepinselt haben, oder nicht
                                  -- _[puffy]_ in #debian.de

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